Issue 13 and Volume 27.

STERILIZATION OF DRINKING WATER. (Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.) A Brussels’ correspondent writes that in Belgium the scientists are perfecting an agent by which drinking water may be sterilized thoroughly, quickly, and economically. For this purpose the tincture of iodine has been employed, and its success as a sterilizing agent has been proved in cases where there was no great bulk of water. In the French city of Lille also there is a well-known establishment for the “industrial sterilization of water with ozone.” It has however been left for the Hygienic Review (La Rivista d’Igiene) of Turin, Italy, to exploit peroxide of chlorine as a perfect medium for the sterilizarion of drinking water, and the discovery has also been indorsed by the Consultative Committee of Public Hygiene in France. Peroxide of chlorine (3KCl O3 + 2 H2 SO4 equals KClO4 + 2KHSO4 + H2 O + Cl2 O4 —or…

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