Issue 13 and Volume 27.

NEW ENGLAND FIRE NOTES. BOSTON, MASS , March 24, 1900. The forty call men of the Brockton fire department are asking for an increase in pay.—For the third time within a week the hay sheds of the Boston & Maine Railroad company at Boston have been burned. On the last occasion the damage was very heavy. An eighteen-year-old boy has been arrested and held as the incendiary. He admits having started the third fire, but denies having had anything to do with the other two. He was out of work and professes to have thought that he might thereby get something to do. When the fire department arrived, nothing could be done for ten minutes, as the water supply had been cut off from the mains, owing to workmen installing new hydrants. Four alarms in all were sent out. The loss was $30,000, fully insured. The loss on the fire…

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