Issue 16 and Volume 27.

THE BURSTING OF THE AUSTIN DAM. Judge von Rosenburg, of Austin, Tex, who is a surveyor, on being asked his opinion as to the cause of the recent bursting of the dam across the river at that city, said that, while the dam was substantially constructed, it was probably undermined by the action of the water upon the calcareous limestone which formed its foundation. The continuous fall of water from the darn had deepened the water in the bed of the river along, and adjacent to the toe to quite a considerable depth, and the erosion thus caused had extended under the toe and base ol the dam,also beyond the reach of adam and a fully-extended fishing-rod. This statement of Judge von Rosenburg is confirmed by others, who, like him, stood below the dam and close to the fall of water from its crest, sixty feet below. Unless the citizens…

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