Issue 16 and Volume 27.

METERAGE AT BATTLE CREEK. SINCE 1890 the number of water taps metered at Battle Creek. Mich., increased from 1,237 in that year to 1,710 in 1899—making an average of seventy-five percent, where meters are installed and forty per cent of water metered. The meters in use in the city are of the following types: Crown, 1,099; Lambert, 204; Thomson, 192, Neptune, ninety-two; Nash, fifty-four; Mersey, forty-four; Empire, seventeen; Worthington, four; Westinghouse, two; Gem (three-inch), one; register on elevator, one Of these 1,501 are rented at an annual cost of fifteen per cent on cost, and 209 have been sold at cost. The meter rates are seven to thirteen cents per 1,000 gallons—the minimum annual rate being $3. All new takers must put on meters, as well as all who change or add to their pipes or fixtures. Supt. Brigden, in his review of fhe financial results of operating the system…

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