Issue 16 and Volume 27.

FIRE AND WATER THE latest—we fear we cannot say the last fire at Greenpoint, Brooklyn borough, by which another heavy loss was sustained, chiefly owing to the lack of a proper water pressure, amply fulfilled Chief Dale’s anticipation and showed that, given certain conditions, even Newtown creek and tlie fireboats will not suffice to keep the flames from crossing the creek. These two fires will not be without their use, if they stir up the authorities of this city to take means either to improve the water supply or to lay an auxiliary main, with laterals, from the East River, exclusively for fire protection. Nor will it be without good effect if .one of the aggrieved losers by the latest fire should bring an a tion against the city to recover damages for the loss he has sustained. If it did nothing else, such a line of action would prove…

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