Issue 19 and Volume 27.

THE WORSHIP OF WATER. PILGRIMAGES are still in vogue, albeit, instead of traveling painfully on foot, according to the old penitential and ascetic lines, those who now set out upon them take their ease in the drawingroom car or the luxurious state cabin of the modern up-to date steamship. But pilgrims come and pilgrims go as of old, with this additional difference, that science and the mechanical or fine arts attract at least an equal crowd of devotees to their shrines with religion. Yet, after all, this is only a return to first principles, since in the more practical age in which we move today the stern realities of life have ousted the emotionalism and sentimentalism that formerly filled the minds of men and caused them first to worship an idea, and then to clothe that idea in human form, deifying it and considering it an object of adoration. Thus,…

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