Issue 19 and Volume 27.

LATEST WATER NEWS. The Journal of Commerce of this city says that on May 8 “ the common stock of the International Steam Pump Company was more active than usual on the curb market—about 1.000 shares changing hands at 19 It is reported that the forthcoming annual report of the company will show net earnings of over $2,000,000. As about $9,000,000 of the preferred stock is outstanding, the seven pet cent, dividend would require practically $600 000, which would leave over $1 370,000—equivalent to about nine per cent, on the common stock. It is not likely, however, that the company will pay anything on the common. It is understood that application will shortly be made to have the stock listed.” The whole cost to Westchester county, N. Y., for the recent strike ou the Croton dam will amouut to $100,000.

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