Issue 26 and Volume 27.

LATEST FIRE NEWS. A tenth-story fire was put out in the twelve-story building—of course, “fireproof”—594 Broadway, between Prince and East Houston streets, and running through to Crosby street, Manhattan borough. When discovered, the fire was blazing fiercely on the premises of John Donat & Co., manufacturers of straw goods. The height of the building prevented the effective use of a water tower, whichfailed to send a stream above the ninth floor, and the individual lines of hose had to be made use of in the building itself and from adjoining roofs. Despite the efforts of the men and the “fireproof” construction of the building, the blaze communicated with the eleventh and twelfth floors, and at one time the whole block seemed to be threatened. Not since the fire in the building of the Home Life Insurance company, at Warren street and Broadway, have the firemen encountered no serious a blaze…

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