Issue 26 and Volume 27.

CHIEF WEBBER’S NARROW ESCAPE. In FIRE AND WATER of last week, was given an account of the narrow eacape Chief Webber, of Boston, had from death while actively superintending the operations of the firemen during the recent fire at 91-98 Commercial street. A large piece of slate struck him on his helmet, piercing it completely and cutting a five inch gash in his scalp. He was altogether stunned by tlm blow, and was rnrrird to an ambulance by Assistant Chief llyington. 11 in wound was temporarily dressed, after which lie was taken to headquarters, where a doctor put several stitches in the cut. A representative of FIRE AND WATER called upon Chief Webber last week, and found him progressing favorably towards recovery. It will be some time, however, before he can return to active duty. Chief Webber was still very weak ; Indeed, at the time he met wit h…

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