Issue 26 and Volume 27.

LATEST WATER NEWS. Two obvious errors occurred in the editorial which appeared in last week’s issue entitled “Average daily per capita consumption of water in domestic use.” These will be found (1) in the first line of the first table, where “Meters for flushing,” etc., should read “Water for flushing,” etc.; (2) in the third column fourteen lines from the bottom, for “200.000 gallons per day” read “200,000,000 gallons per day. Gloverville, N. Y., reports that all its hotels, restaurants, bottlinghouses, livery stables, laundries, saloons, and leather mills are at present metered, and all business blocks and the larger glove factories are being similarly treated. “The selling of water by meter (says the report of the water commissioner) has been universally satisfactory both to the consumer and to the water board.” The number of metered services is now about 280. There are 222 hydrants set and 256 gates on 25.77…

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