Issue 3 and Volume 28.

WASTE OF WATER IN PHILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA complains of a scarcity of water, and not without reason. But there seems to be a lack of care on the part of the authorities against preventable waste. There are, it appears, over 500 horse troughs in the city which are not supposed to be allowed to run over, and are fitted with automatic stops to prevent that. In the case of many of them, however, these stops are out of order and do not act, and so the half-inch stream of water goes on (lowing night and day. In this way thousands upon thousands of gallons of water are wasted every twenty-four hours—costing very much more than the $10 a year charged for such troughs. Surely, if the inspectors of the water bureau cannot get round to see that this abuse is put an end to, the policeman who patrols the beat on…

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