Issue 3 and Volume 28.

LATEST WATER NEWS. Superintendent Hornung, of the Newport, Ky., waterworks, looks upon the word “water meter” as a “term indicative of equity. It is that with which all consumers are brought upon a just and equitable footing.” Complaints have been made to Borough President Grout, of Richmond (L. I.). N. Y., that the Crystal Water company is overcharging the citizens for their water supply Some claim that they are paying at the rate of $250 a year. The local water officials report that the meters seem to register correctly. They add that, as the company is a private water company, whose schedule of rates had been accepted by the city authorities, a question of whether the city could legally interfere between the company and its customers was raised. The complaints were referred to the water commissioner to see if he could not adjust the troubles, and to make a report…

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