Issue 5 and Volume 28.

FORMER CHIEF BONNER ON WATERFRONT PERIL. FORMER CHIEF BONNER has contributed an article to Leslie’s Weekly, in which, while treating of the waterfront peril,he points out that, although many of the piers erected within the past four years are of less combustible material than before, still that again has been “more than minimized”by material additions to their height and area—now from one-third to one-half larger than of old. Mr. Bonner points out that the principle of construction, commencing by placing on thepilingsframework as a foundation upon which to erect two-story piers, is the same system of construction as existed formerly, and gives no better protection from Are from the exterior than do the old piers. The danger to to the piers is mainly from the outside and from underneath. The entire base of the deck is exposed and subject to the attack of any floating burning material that may be…

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