Issue 5 and Volume 28.

FIRE-RESISTING PIERS. THE chief engineer of the dock department of New York city opposes as impracticable the proposition to have all the piers along the waterfront built of stone. He insists that such a precaution is not necessary. To a certain extent we agree with the chief engineer. It would obviously be impossible to have the foundations of the piers composed of that material—the extreme depth of the mud along the Manhattan side of the waterfront, where most of the ocean steamers are docked, would make such construction too expensive, even if it were necessary. Up to the low water mark the use of piles is perfectly safe, and their durability is not questioned. Above low water mark, however, the piers should be of stone, iron, or steel, with floors of concrete or possibly asphalt. The sheds also should be of iron or steel, aud thus the danger from fire…

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