Issue 5 and Volume 28.

MISCELLANEOUS. Chief Geo. C. Hale, of the Kansas City, Mo., fire department, is off for Europe, with his efficient corps of firefighters, to compete for the prizes in the World’s Fire Congress at the Paris Exposition. The engine that is taken with them is a third-size Metropolitan steamer, built by the American Eire Engine company, of Seneca Falls, N. Y. It is finished in the most elegant manner, and cost some $5,000. The work on this engine is said to surpass anything of the kind ever attempted in firefighting appliances, and, no doubt, will excite the wonder and admiration of everybody. “Old Carnations,” by Albert Bigelow Paine, is the story of an old Broadway florist and the part he played in the love story of two young people. Illustrated by C. S. Chapman. The Metropolitan Park commission, of Massachusetts, has purchased from the Combination Ladder company, of Providence, R. I.,…

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