Issue 5 and Volume 28.

PREVENTABLE WATER WASTE. WHILE by no means indorsing the theory put forward by the Merchants’ association and others in this city, that half the water pumped for the use of New York is wasted—a theory which has been more than once exploded in these columns, we would again call the attention of Commissioner Dalton to the useless and preventable waste of water which is going on all day long all over the city. We allude to that from the various fire hydrants in the public streets, which are accessible at any moment to those who look after the cleaning of the streets and their sprinkling. These irresponsible streetsweepers and drivers of sprinkling carts are answerable for the daily loss of thousands of gallons of water. In many cases they do not understand how to open or close a hydrant without deranging its internal arrangements; still oftener they are too lazy…

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