Issue 11 and Volume 28.

THE GALVESTON HORROR. LONG ere this our readers have been made acquainted with all the ghastly details of the awful catastrope at Galveston, Tex , by which the greater part of the city has been blotted out of existence, thousands of lives lost, and million upon million’s worth of property destroyed. The calamity is one of appalling dimensions, and in its horror exceeds those of the Johnstown flood in the spring of 1889, or the Charleston earthquake in the summer of 1887. The former, although it cost 2,142 lives and destroyed $10,000,000 worth of property, was swift and short and sudden, while the latter, at all events, left the citizens of Charleston a means of escape. In any case the effects of each disaster were confined to a limited area, while the Texas hurricane, with its accompanying tidal wave, was a tropical storm of frightful intensity and widely destructive extent.…

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