Issue 15 and Volume 28.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPAL ELECTRICIANS (Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER.) PITTSBURGH, PA., Sept. 29, 1900. The address of President Brophy on “The benefits to be derived from our association” was not only interesting, but was also sternly practical. It elicited quite considerable discussion—the chief speakers being Messrs Morris Mead, of this city, W. T. Ellett, of Elmira, N. Y., and F. C. Mason, of New York. The address, with that on “Steel conductor and armored steel protector” delivered by Alexander Henderson, and the reports, took up the greater portion of the day’s sessions. Among those present besides the officers of the association were Charles Down, city electrician, Altoona, Pa., Louis W. Miller, city electrician of Rochester, N. Y.—an inventor of considerable reputation, J. P. Barrett, Chicago, and D. R. Walker, chief of the electrical department of Philadelphia. On the second day of the convention papers were, read as follows:…

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