Issue 16 and Volume 28.

NEW WATER PUMPING SYSTEM FOR MINNEAPOLIS. As a first step towards building a new water pumping system for Minneapolis, Minn., the water-works committee of that city recommends that a strip of land 175 feet wide—3.8 acres in all—running along the Anoka line from the east side of the river to Marshall street, northeast be purchased at a cost of $1,900, on which is to be built a new pumping station for which an appropriation of $50,000 has just been made. In all probability more land will be acquired, and the station will eventually become the central pumping station for the city. The report of Messrs. J T. Fanning and William De La Barre, the engineers employed hy the city, shows that of the existing three pumping stations the lower two should he removed or abandoned because of the polluted condition of the water In their neighborhood—although they might he retained…

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