Issue 16 and Volume 28.

TO DECREASE INCENDIARISM. How to mitigate the evil of incendiarism has always been a moot point, and many plans have been suggested looking towards that end. But the evil still continues, and, we suppose, will continue to flourish so long as the love of revenge and the lust for dishonestly acquiring insurance money exist. The compulsory appointment of a fire marshal’s bureau in every State and Territory in the Union would go far in the way of putting down the crime. But some hindrance or another—probably the fear of politics entering into the appointmentand thereby dictating the choice of unfit persons to fill the office—has caused considerable tardiness on the part of the various States to organize such a bureau; and we must admit that, although so far as the appointment of State fire marshals is concerned, politics has played little or no part, such a fear is by no…

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