Issue 16 and Volume 28.

BRAVERY MEDALS AWARDED Chief Croker, of this city’s fire department recently sent his report to Fire Commissioner Scannell, recommending the various firemen who should receive the medals for bravery during the years 1898 and 1899. The Bennett medal for 1890 is awarded to Assistant Foreman William Clark, of hook and ladder company No 3 for bravery at the Windsor hotel fire, when he saved the lives of Mrs. Joseph Howard, jr., and her negro servant. The Bennett medal for 1898 was awarded to Assistant Foreman John Hughes,of engine company No. 13, who rescued Mrs. Helen Hicks and her three children at a fire at 170 Greenwich street. The Bonner Medal for 1898 was awarded to Assistant Foreman Joseph Quinn, of engine company No. 85, and the Warren-Trevor medal for 1898 to Assistant Foreman Andrew B Sweet, of hook and ladder company No. 0 for bravery at a fire at 105…

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