Issue 16 and Volume 28.

PENNSYLVANIA FIREMEN IN CONVENTION. (Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER.) New CASTLE, PA., Oct. 5, 1900. THE STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION opened its twenty-first annual convention in the Opera house on October 2. There were between 540 and 550 members in attendance, besides some 1,200 firemen from different parts of the State. The chair was occupied by the president, S. S. Smith. After prayer by Rev. W. Palmer, Robert K. Aiken, former district attorney of Lawrence county, welcomed the visitors, and was replied to in behalf of the firemen by S. P. Emery, New Castle. After a few appropriate words of thanks from President Smith, the latter’s report for the year was read. It was of local interest only, and referred to business that simply concerned the members of the association. Secretary Wunder. Reading, read the committee reports, one of which was a recommendation for legislation that would give the fire…

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