Issue 16 and Volume 28.

THIRD FIRE IN A FIREPROOF BUILDING. Three times in two years the Hard ware club on the fourteenth floor of the fireproof Postal Telegraph company’s building at Broadway and Murray street, Manhattan, New York, has had a fiery experience. It was damaged to a large extent by the disastrous fire in the Home Life Insurance company’s building in 1898. A small fire at another time was caused hy an explosion in the building while a member was experimenting on the eve of the Fourth of July. Its third ordeal by fire was onTuesday night, when ablaze started, none knows how—in the L-shaped superstructure fifty by thirty by twenty feet at t he southwest corner of the roof. A delay of five minutes took place, owing to the efforts of some amateur firemen among the members to put the fire out. When the department arrived another alarm was turned in, and…

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