Issue 16 and Volume 28.

THREE MONTHS’ FIRE LOSS IN NEW YORK. Fire Commissioner Scannell’s report to the mayor on the work of his department for the three months ending June 30 last has recently been made public. There were 1,686 alarms of fire in Manhattan and the Bronx. Of there 1,337 were “confined to the point of starting” sixty-three were confined to the building in which the flames originated, and only twenty-seven extended to other buildings. There were five fires on vessels. In extinguishing these tires, 14,651,118 gallons of water was used, of which 5 948,700 came from the rivers. The use of ten or more engines and the water towers was necessary on eleven occasions. The most disastrous fire, so iar as deaths are concerned, was that at 84 Jackson street, on June 15, when eleven persons were euflocated before the arrival of the firemen. Two firemen Edward Gallagher and Jeremiah Haggerty, had…

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