Issue 16 and Volume 28.

FIRE NEWS FROM ALL PARTS. Oelwein, Ia., has incorporated a fire department. Two barns, filled with live stock, burned near Mongul, Pa. Ogontz and Ashbourne, Pa., will organize a joint fire company. Montgomery, Ala, had 144 alarms and $49,580 losses during the past year. Wise Norton has been re-elected chief of the Winona. Minn, fire department. James Cape jr., is president of the Racine, Wis., fire department; and Otto Wolf, secretary. No insurance on the Holmes stock barn, near Kenosha, Wis, burned by an incendiary. One hundred and twenty five thousand feet of dressed lumber burned at Springbill, La. On October 10 the joint parade of the fire and police departments of Albany, N. Y. took place. Henry Jansen is president and Melchior Boeryer, secretary of the Fort Mudison la., fire company. A J. Wright is president and Oscar Betgreen, secretary of the Mooreltead, N Dak. fire department. Boston may…

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