Issue 25 and Volume 28.

FIREPROOF WOOD. The Secretary of the Navy recently appointed a special board, composed of Assistant Secretary Hackett and Constructors F. T. Bowles and William J. Baxter to investigate the system of fireproo ng wood employed by the American Fireproofing company. On November 24, this board after a thorough examination of the woods subjected to that company’s process, reported favorably as to the acceptance of wood so treated for all naval work. Their report has been indorsed by the Secretary of the Navy, and the use of such wood is now of obligation. The Underwriters’ Bureau of Fire Protection Engineers has also tested the woods fireproofed by the above company, and on the acceptance of its report by the underwriters the rate bureau in New York city has reduced the rate fifty per cent in all cases where wood so treated is ueed in the construction of buildings. The American Fireproofing…

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