Issue 26 and Volume 28.

TENEMENTHOUSE FIRES. AN exhaustive special report has just been issued by the New York tenementhouse commission, compiled, with tables, by former Chief Bonner and Laurence Veiller, secretary of the commission, and covering a period of two and one-half years from January 1, 1898. to June 30, 1900. In addition to details compiled from official documents Messrs. Bonner and Veiller have added, not impressions, but hard facts derived from their own personal observations and investigations. The first and most noticeable point in the report tells its own tale of faulty construction and insufficient means of escape in case of fire—two points which FIRE AND WATER has never ceased to emphasize. The death roll shows that during the past twelve months forty one persons have been burned to death in tenementhouses in this city, and thirty-four persons have been more or less seriously injured—the number of deaths caused in this way in…

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