Issue 26 and Volume 28.

A MODEL WATER SYSTEM MIDDLETOWN, N. Y., makes no pretensions to being a big city, but as a place or residence it is possessed of unusual advantages, of which many New York business men avail themselves all the year round. Of these advantages not the least are its admirable systems of sanitary sewerage and water supply. The latter was built in 1867, when as yet Middletown was only a village. The source of supply is springs and surface water, with pumping from an impounding reservoir. The drainage area is 841 acres. The cost of building the system was $75,000, for which bonds were issued,and E. M. Madden, J. M. Matthews,and H. R. Wilcox were the first water commissioners. The waterworks were quite a success from the start,and the supply is apparently unfailing, while the original storage capacity of 600,000,000 gallons has been increased 70,000,000 by building in the spring of…

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