Issue 1 and Volume 29.

TEST OF HART LADDER PIPE. Chief Stagg, of the fire department of Paterson,N. J., writes on December 19, 1900, to the Fabric Fire Hose company, of 68 Murray street, New York city, as follows: “Gentlemen.—On the 6th of this month we tested a Hart ladder pipe placed on our eighty-five-foot Babcock track. With engine connected by two lines of hose to single on ladder the direction of stream could he easily changed to any angle, and kept at point desired by man on ground. If change in angle of stream was not made quickly it was not noticeable on the ladder. With one and one-half-inch nozzle, 120 pounds water pressure on engine, a fine stream was thrown in a horizontal direction at least 150 feet. The pipe on the test fully came up to all claims of the inventor. Yours truly, “JOHN Stagg,Chief Fire Department.” The inventors of this ladder…

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