Issue 1 and Volume 29.

FILTRATION AND METERAGE AT NORFOLK, VA. NORFOLK, VA., has spared neither pains or money not only in securing for itself an ample supply of water, but also in taking care that the water furnished to its citizens shall be as pure as science can make it. The Little Creek extension has been completed at a cost of $174,187.71, of which $43,497.50 was paid for the property. The annual interest on the bonds amounts to $6,967.50. In return water is now brought from the Little Creek sources to the pumping plant at Moore’s bridge by gravity, whereby all the lake pumping stations have been done away with, which cost $7,000 a year (representing $175,000 at four per cent.) and 6,000,000 gallons a day have been added to the supply at no expense to the city, as the pumpage saving more than pays the interest on the bonds for the new work,…

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