Issue 2 and Volume 29.

SOME QUICK FIRE WORK. A local paper thus describes the twentieth century inspection of the fire department of Alliance,Ohio,given by Chief Aungst on New Year’s day. A test alarm was received from box 41, the time occupied in hitching being ten seconds. At the next test the gong was tapped, the doors flew open, the horses left their stalls, ran thirty-two feet and were harnessed and ready to start, in six seconds. This lowered last New Year’s record from seven and one-half seconds. The same test was made while the doors stood open, and the time was five and one-half seconds. A hitchup was made with the horses standing at the front wheels of the wagon when the bell tapped. Only four and three-quarters seconds were occupied, lowering last year’s record by one fourth of a second. The time consumed while the horses backed to their stalls was just five…

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