Issue 2 and Volume 29.

REPORT OF WATER COMMISSIONERS OF HOLYOKE. The annual report of the water commissioners of Holyoke, Mass., has been filed with the city clerk. It is brief and comprehensively written, and is withal a most favorable showing for the city, netting a profit of $1,872 of receipts over the expenditures. The total receipts for the year ending November 30 amounted to $39,903, and the expenses were $38,081, distributed as follows: General expenses, $11,582 ; interest on bonds, $11,190; thirteen bonds paid up, $11,500; construction account, $3,758. The maintenance account has been increased by unusual expenses, such as the two washouts on McKinstry avenue, the bursting of the dams at the Abbey brook, which had to be repaired; the unusual drouth of the summer season compelled the commissioners to pump a large amount of water,which increased the expenses, and t he expenses were otherwise unusually large. The Cooley brook system, with practically…

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