Issue 2 and Volume 29.

PUMPAGE AT CAMBRIDGE, MASS The twenty-sixth annual report of the superintendent of waterworks at Cambridge, Mass., shows the following statistics as to consumption and pumpage of water in that city. Consumption.—Total quantity of water pumped during the past year, 12,651,277,240 gallons: daily average of water pumped during the same time 7,263,733 gallons; quantity of water sold by meter, 714,612,292 gallons; used for sprinkling the streets, 95,182,900 gallons; used for flushing sewers, 1,125,000; for cleaning sanitaries, 7,500,000; for drinking fountains, 35,000,000—total, 851,545,192 gallons, leaving for domestic purposes, 1,799,732,048 gallons. The daily number of gallons for each inhabitant on the total amount pumped was 78.69; for each inhabitant on the total amount used for domestic purposes, including water for private stables, hose, public buildings, and fire purposes, 53.42, In each case while there has been nearly every year an increase in pumpage and consumption for each inhabitant, there was a marked decrease…

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