Issue 2 and Volume 29.

TORONTO FIRE STATISTICS. The total fire losses in the city of Toronto, Ont., for the past year as shown by Chief Thompson’s report to December 1, and allowing $20,000 for the current month, will fall $200,000 short of the losses in 1899, and $450,000 short of the average yearly losses between 1894 and 1899. The total losses this year to December 1, were $134,271, and during all of last year they were $351,307. Between 1894 and 1899 the losses averaged $623,028, or an aggregate of $3,738,171. There have been 638 fires this year, and last year there were 840, but many of them were grass fires, of which there were few this year. Following are the details of losses and insurance the past year to December 1: This is a remarkably good showing for a city of the size of Toronto, and reflects much credit upon Chief Thompson.

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