Issue 2 and Volume 29.

THE ROCHESTER FIRE. At a meeting of the managers and trustees of the Rochester orphan asylum assembled to consider the fire which caused the death of twenty-six children committed to their care, the engineer expressed the opinion that gas escaping from a defective pipe had exploded in the boiler room. That theory, which would seem to account for the rapid spread of the fire, was accepted as a reasonable explanation of its origin, and it is not likely to be disproved. If, as he testified, the engineer left his furnaces in proper condition when he went home at 6 o’clock, no blame can apparently be fastened on him, for he was not required to stay after that hour. But it is gratifying to learn that the disaster is not to be officially recorded as “ the act of God” without remonstrance—one of the trustees having frankly charged the managers with…

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