Issue 2 and Volume 29.

RUNAWAY FIRE ENGINE. A Paterson, N. J., dispatch gives the following account of a runaway fire engine: Two firemen were injured and another had a thrilling ride on a runaway fire engine late the other night. Chemical engine No. 1 responded to an alarm of fire at the corner of Hamilton avenue and Washington street. Louis Hasser, the driver, and George Muth, the engineer, sat in front, strapped to the seat. Thomas Hallowell, the hoseman, stood on the back step. The engine went rapidly down Main street, and as it approached the corner of Broadway, a trolley car came in sight round the corner, and a collision seemed inevitable. Hasser gave his horses a sharp pull to the right. The front wheels of the engine pulled out of the groove of the car track, but the hind wheels slid along the rails and the side of the engine bumped into…

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