Issue 5 and Volume 29.

BRITISH FIRE-PREVENTIVE COMMITTEE. ELSEWHERE in this impression will be found a retrospect of the work done by the British Fire-Preventive Committee during the past year under the able management of Edwin O. Sachs, chairman of the executive. From this it will be seen that the committee during the three years that it has been in existence has done the State some service by carefully testing inflammable and combustible materials, and showing how to render these fire-resistent, and also to adapt their use to modern fire-protective requirements so as to remove the maximum of danger from their employment in factories, business houses, public aud semipublic institutions, and private residences. Of the practical utility of t hese tests for Old World buildings there can be no doubt, and to the committee are due the thanks of all European flremeu for the knowledge thus imparted to them, as well as for the amount…

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