Issue 5 and Volume 29.

TWO NEW YORK CITY BLOCKS BURNED. Two bad explosions,in w hich many persons were seriously (some dangerously) injured,took place on Thursday, January 31,in Wycke & Co.’s cigar factory,Thirtythird street and First avenue, Manhattan, New York, where 350 persons were employed. The greater part of the building was wrecked. The explosion took place in the engine room, where one boiler exploded in the afternoon and caused a fire, which it was thought had been extinguished. About 7 o’clock another explosion, whose cause is unknown,took place. A pile of rubbish and debris took tire at once, and in an incredibly short time the whole of the building that was left standing was ablaze. The falling of the high tower which was being pulled down at the time and the explosion caused a fierce back draught out of the building and sent firemen and others flying for their lives. The fire engine in…

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