Issue 5 and Volume 29.

FIRE-RESISTING BLINDS. SOME three or four years ago the city of London proper was visited with a most disastrous conflagration, the seat of which was in Cripplegate. The burned property overlooked narrow thoroughfares and shared light and air from mutual areas and adjoining areas, as do many of the tenementhouses and business premises in New York. There seems to be no doubt that had protective fire-blinds been fixed upon the doors and windows the progress of the flames might have been stopped and much valuable property saved. The absence of such fire-blinds was greatly felt on that occasion, as it was when the flames from the Rogers-Peet building on Warren street and Broadway, in this city, made their way by means of the unprotected windows into the lofty skyscraper owned by the Home Life Insurance company on Broadway, and that adjoining, in which the Postal Telegraph company has its headquarters.…

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