Issue 6 and Volume 29.

SAN FRANCISCO’S IMPURE WATER. City Engineer Oransky, of San Francisco, Cal., after having subjected the water of the city to numerous analytical tests, claims that it is impure from its very source; he has likewise claimed that the amount kept in storage is not enough to avert a famine in the case of two dry seasons running. With respect to the latter point Mr. Oransky states that the three reservoirs have a joint capacity of 25,972,000,000 gallons,or equal to a supply for the city of 1,000 days, though the actual amount of water stored is only one-third of the capacity of the reservoirs, or about enough for 330 days. He says,with respect to the quality of the water; “The board of supervisors, by a resolution dated October 19, 1900, called for information relating to possible contamination of the water supplied to this city, and the report is the result of…

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