Issue 6 and Volume 29.

PHILADELPHIA AND ITS PROPOSED NEW FIRE MAINS. IT seems difficult to imagine that the Philadelphia authorities are really in earnest about laying the proposed new auxiliary fire mains in the fire belt. It is noticeable that only two bids were sent to, neither of which bid for the work in its entirety but upon thirtyseven different items—for furnishing the iron and steel pipe, special cast ings of valves, fire hydrants, manhole covers, rock and earth excavations, laying the mains, placing concrete and stone masonry, and laying brick work. There was quite a difference in the figures of the two bidders on the number of items. In that for furnishing two fireboat connections, with air-chambers and all valves complete, one proposal was $925 each, and another, $2,000. The bids were referred to be scheduled—in itself a slow process. Director Haddock, when questioned after the bids had been opened, stated that, from…

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