Issue 9 and Volume 29.

NEW YORK WATER NOTES. Dr. E. H. Bartley, Dr. Z. Taylor Emery, and Dr.J.H. Raymond, comprising the committee on public health of the King’s County Medical Society have presented a report on the sanitary aspect of the water supply of the borough of Brooklyn. They state that analysis proves that the western end of the system is undoubtedly polluted, while the eastern end is comparatively free from contamination. The degree of pollution (it seems) increases gradually from east to west until at Springfield and at Baisley’s ponds it reaches its maximum. These two sources of supply have become so manifestly dangerous that the department of water supply has shut them off from use. The report states that the results of the examinations made in 1897, 1898, and 1899 all agree in the fact that Brooklyn water contains the bacillus coli communis—a bacillus inhabiting the intestinal canal of both man and…

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