Issue 9 and Volume 29.

FIRE AND WATER SPRINKLERS are making a decidedly poor showing just at present. In Philadelphia quite a large number of buildings in the congested business district are equipped with that style of fire protection. A glance at any map of that part of the city, however, would show, as experience has already shown, how quickly and how far a fire would spread if it broke out in one of the big department stores and got away from the sprinklers. With the knowledge that just at present the water supply is of the poorest, the possibilities of a conflagration are dlscouragiugly possible. WITHIN a very few weeks fatal accidents and serious injuries have resulted to firemen when on their way to a fire, through collisions with trolley cars and other vehicles. The latest was that in this city, where a huge hook and ladder truck, while crossing Madison avenue at Fifty-eighth…

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