Issue 9 and Volume 29.

HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. GREAT as were the achievements of the the hydraulic engineer in the nineteenth century they will be altogether eclipsed by those of that on which we have lately entered. New waterpowers, will be developed; huge irrigation and canal works will be constructed; and gigantic operations in the way of improving rivers and harbors and the waterworks of cities will be undertaken. So far as concerns the development of waterpowers, with the exception of the millions of dollars spent upon converting less than the fiftieth part of the potential energy of Niagara falls into commercial electric horse-power, the work has been of a comparatively limited description. The wants of a few manufacturers adjacent to big waterpower have formed the only demands, while the difficulties met with in satisfying even these have been sufficient to discourage any great efforts in that direction. With the dally development…

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