Issue 9 and Volume 29.

ATLANTA’S WATER SUPPLY. WHILE Atlanta, Ga., has spent a large sum of money on its water supply, it has long been a source of complaint that for fire-protective purposes the lack of sufficient pressure is painfully evident. The recent conflagration in that city involved buildings of the best style of construction, and yet the fire spread from its place of origin and destroyed almost an entire block in the wholesale district of the city, entailing a loss of $500,000 to the owners of the burned property and of $450,000 to the insurance companies. The extent of the fire and the consequent loss caused much surprise, as the efficiency of the Atlanta fire department and the skill of Chief Joyner in wrestling with the fiercest fires are proverbial. The explanation is not far to seek. As in the case of the recent Wicke fire in this city, the water supply was…

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