Issue 10 and Volume 29.

FREE WATER. WHEREVER a municipal waterworks system exists, there exists with it a system of supplying free water to the municipal buildings and institutions, to the fire, police, and street cleaning departments, to the public fountains, fire hydrants, public schools, and the like. At first sight that is right enough; but a little reflection will show the contrary to be the ease. For though it may savorof the robbing Peter to-pay-Paul principle that the water department should debit the city with the water so supplied, yet, to insure an accurate statement of municipal receipts and expenditures, it is of obligation that such a course should be followed. Allowing that system to pass uncriticized, however, there is another aspect of the free water dole that calls for a few words of remark—and that is, the water supplied gatuitously, or at best at a great reduction, to churches, hospitals, Y. M. C.…

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