Issue 10 and Volume 29.

INSTANTANEOUS FIRE ALARM A revolution in the method of giving fire alarms was undoubtedly started last Wednesday week, when the New York Board of Fire Underwriters unanimously pass a resolution, which approved the wonderful firedetecting wire, now universally known as the “Montauk Multiphase Cable.” The words of the resolution were as follows: Resolved,—That this board approves of the fire-detecting wire hereafter described, as a fire alarm device for use in dwellinghouses and other buildings in which it can be substituted for bell wires, and also by judicious distribution and arrangement in elevator and dumbwaiter shafts, coal and wood cellars, closets, store rooms, and other unoccupied rooms, so as to give timely warning of fire and thus contribute to the greater safety of human life. This fire-detecting wire consists of two conductors. The central wire or core, which forms one side of the circuit, has a thick coating or wall of…

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