Issue 10 and Volume 29.

SUMMARIZED WATER REPORTS FOR 1901 A MOS H. EATON is chairman of the board of water commissioners of Middleboro, Mass., and Joseph E. Beals, clerk and superintendent. During the year there were laid 4,376 feet of main from eight-inch to four-inch, making a total length of about seventeen miles; six hydrants were set during 1900—total number, 120; thirteen gates, eight-inch to four-inch set—total number, 174; blow-off gates, six; pressure forty-live to sixty pounds; number of services to date, 828; feet of service pipe to date, 48,887, of which 20,089 is within street lines; motors in use (five church organs, one house-elevator, and one coffee-grinder), 7; meters set during the year, twenty-two; taken out, five—total in use, 349 as follows: Crown, eighty-one; Hersey disk, sixty-seven; Nash, sixty-two; Hersey, fifty; Thomson, forty-nine; Trident, thirty-three; Empire, five; Gem, one; Union rotary, one. The total revenue for the year was 116,328.63, of which was…

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