Issue 11 and Volume 29.

SOUTH DAKOTA’S ARTESIAN WELLS. It is claimed for South Dakota that its artesian wells stand unrivaled in the height of their pressure and the copiousness of their flow. Scientists from all parts of the country go there to study them. Prof. Todd, the State geologist, in a recent report, has given some interesting facts in regard to them and their effect on the resources of the State. He says that the immediate source of the water in the different layers of sand or sandstone in the lower portions of the Cretaceous, which, with the intervening beds of clay, comprise the so-called Dakota formation. Below it, also, and not clearly distinguished from it, are similar beds belonging to the Jurassic age. From these two formations, and mainly from the first, all the larger and deeper wells of Dakota derive their supply. The water comes up often with an immense power, 175…

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