Issue 11 and Volume 29.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES. The Fireman’s Fund Record thinks that— “If agents will examine every risk before writing it, will look at the stovepipe and see where it enters the chimney through wood, unprotected—the pipe or the wood; will look for gas-jets near the window where the bummer breeze will blow the curtain into the flame, or where the open door will back up against it; will look for, unprotected by fender, swinging gas-brackets; will look for sawdust or rags saturated with oil; will look for the big mortgage on the small value; will look for the not-wanted town house by the man who wants to live in the country, or the not-wanted country house by the woman who wants to live in town ; will look for the bad stovepipe and the cracked terra-cotta flue through the roof; will answer all questions on the application or daily report; will inquire into…

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